More Disney (animal kingdom)

It was very interesting recently with numerous relatives and friends coming over. They would ask to see my Disney pictures. I was more than happy to oblige. I’d finish showing them the ones posted here on my blog, and then somehow or another this statement would pop up.

“That’s not all the pictures. Here, let me show you some more!”

At which they would politely either say “oh yes, that would be lovely!” or “No no, that’s fine. But thank you”.

My conclusion is that I took way too many pictures. Oh yes? Oh yes.

And actually, this isn’t my last post about Animal Kingdom. Because yes, I believe I did take over 2000 pictures at Disney.

Carry on, friends…

I love the way they created the Asia portion of the park. You can see the colorful fabrics and props in this post and this post.

The bats.

Some sort of Asian cattle? My memory fails me…

I love his colors.

Cute monkeys!

I really, really like his hair.

No, really.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend, friends. So much awesomeness coming up next week – I’m super excited to show you all the results of my first senior shoot!

2 thoughts on “More Disney (animal kingdom)

  1. gorgeous photos. The Asian portion really fooled me. It's so authentically rustic and calm looking. you did an amazing job capturing it.

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