New York City in Photographs

As I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago, I traveled to NYC with friends as my summer “vacation”. (You know you’re an adult when you start vacationing with friends instead of family.) I love traveling with people who aren’t interested in the tourist-heavy sites (thank you, Erin and Meredith, for putting up with my phobia), and instead are more interested in exploring the local area.
Our first day there, we visited a lot of camera shops, book stores (HA), and paper stores. We also saw Times Square (which was fantastic – not gonna lie). The second day, we split into two groups and met up with our respective friends in the city. My friend Janie took us to this amazing macaroni and cheese restaurant in East Village (S’MAC), and then we explored The Strand (a personal highlight from the trip).
Food and books. That’s how I roll, folks. Enjoy the photographs below from our adventures!


Meredith (Sneak Peek)

Last weekend, I met the lovely Meredith Sledge in real life.

We’ve known each other through blogging for a few years, but even though we live relatively close together, we’d never gotten the chance to meet. This changed last weekend when she drove to my college and spent a few days in the DC area. We played tourist on Capitol Hill and went on an evening adventure to Alexandria. The second day, we drove down to visit my family’s farm. (You can see Meredith’s lovely post on it here.)

Since we’re both photographers, it was really fun to experiment with portraits. Unlike shooting for a client, shooting with friends is so much fun because of the creative freedom and less pressure to deliver the photos in a timely manner (as you can see from the lateness of this post).

Here are a few photos of this gorgeous girl.






Merry Christmas!








Part of me cannot believe that it’s already Christmas. It seemed that only a few months ago it was summer, and school was just beginning. Yet here it is, December 24th. Christmas Eve. Time seems to go so fast and so slow at the same time, never stopping, just going on and on. This Christmas, I’m more excited than before to spend time with my family – you never know how much you miss spending time with them (just the normal days, the little pretend arguments, and the laughter) until you’ve spent a significant amount of time away from them. And so this Christmas, I’m just thankful to be here. I’m thankful that I’ve finished a semester and I’m excited for the next. Most of all though, I’m thankful for the gift that Christ gave, enabling us to celebrate this season with true joy.

Snapshots of Winter




Here in the highly unpredictable Mid-Atlantic, winter isn’t generally full of snow. Sometimes it’s just plain nasty out, like right now (30 degrees with I-have-no-idea-how-many-MPH-winds). At school, we all just roll our eyes and say “Ugh, Virginia weather” or “why can’t we have snow instead of rain?”.But not all days are nasty, and sometimes it’s cold out with the most beautiful sunlight that you’ve ever seen. That’s what happened with these photos. The sunflare was fabulous, but the first and last ones are my favorite. The sun was almost done setting, and we crouched down to the level of the smoldering horizon, before brushing briars and grasses off of our clothes and running back to the house, lured by the promise of hot tea. And so, for me personally, the last image so perfectly captures the end of a winters day here. It’s soft, and volatile, but while the sun lasts you’ll find us wandering through the crisp air, chasing those elusive moments of beauty and perfection.

(Kudos to my fabulous best friend for being my model, for freezing for the sake of art and for running off in search of beautiful moments to capture with me.)