My name is Amanda. I’m a 20-something multivocational Episcopal priest and library person. I love research & preaching, writing & teaching, and witnessing God working in people’s lives. I also am a freelance researcher and communications consultant within both the church and academy. I work particularly on late medieval and early modern church and women’s history, but I’m also deeply interested in systematic theology, sustainability, literary theory, modernism, and film adaptation.

I remain a loyal English major, and have an undying love for Virginia Woolf and the world of Sherlockian adaptations. My friends often call me with questions about how to find things in the library, and I’ve probably maxed out the book limit on my library card. I adore murder mysteries, baking, hiking, and gardening. I have a not-so-small-anymore cat named Sherlock, who enjoys going on walks, feathers of all kinds, and sleeping on my shoulder.

This blog was started in 2008 when I was just a wee thing, and has grown to be an archive of my life journey. Lately, this has skewed towards the posting of sermons. If you want to keep up with me more personally, you should check out my Substack, which I send out every 1-2 weeks. If you’re interested in my professional work, check out my consulting website.

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