Epcot |edition 2 – Disneyworld pt 4|

You must pardon me with the amount of photos that I am vomiting upon you all from my trip. Honestly, I’m so excited to share them, not only because I enjoyed myself, but because I feel I grew as a photographer. You know when you can look at something you’ve done and realize that you’ve grown? This is what I’ve gotten out of the trip to Disneyworld.

This is the final set of pictures from Epcot. As I’ve said before, Epcot was my absolute favorite park. The photos from those days are some of the best from the trip, which is why I’ve taken up two posts to show you them.

|Morocco Pavilion|

farmgirl-0196.jpg|Japan Pavilion|
farmgirl-0206.jpg|Italy Pavilion|
farmgirl-0223.jpg|Germany Pavilion|
farmgirl-0270.jpg|China Pavilion|
farmgirl-0308.jpg|Mexico Pavilion|
farmgirl-0399.jpgNext post: A Monday life update. I promise, I will give you breaks from my photo vomit.

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