Mondays are Droll

Hello friends. How are you? Anything exciting going on in your lives? Do tell.

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It’s been an insane start of the semester for me. Two weeks into it, I took a week to go south, as you all know. I’m back now, however, and am starting another week in school. Let me tell you about my classes right now.

I was hoping to take community college classes this semester, but God had other plans, I think. The admissions office lost my paperwork, and I finally enrolled in three more classes with my online high school. Some things aren’t worth fighting too hard, especially when you’re so close to the finish line.

I’m currently enrolled in Business Writing, Psychology, and Digital Video Production, in addition to my two classes from last semester – AP English Language and Health. To be honest, I love my English classes. They’re amazingly fun, and I grow so much when working on them. They’re also (admittedly) tiring. I do so much writing in both AP English Language and Business Writing that the thought of writing for pleasure after school makes me cringe somewhat.

My favorite class outside of my English classes is Digital Video Production. It’s a half-credit course, and in it, you create two short films (one is 15-30 seconds long, and one is 2-3 minutes long). Out of all five classes, it’s truly the fun one. Psychology is a bore that I must finish to graduate.


Life is insane, but fantastic. In addition to my regular school classes, I’m involved in a life coach program that’s starting this February. (I shall tell you more at a later time.) I have some homework to start for that that is staring me in the face as I type this. No, it’s not a pleasant feeling, having homework stare you down. I’m sure every one of you students know exactly what I’m talking about.

The word “droll” means “dryly amusing”. This Monday is certainly that. Outside, rain drizzles down, dissipating the snow and ice from this weekend. Thankfully, school is over for the day. In a few minutes, I shall prepare to go to work. I’m so grateful that I have work to brighten up my Mondays.

Tell me friends, how is life going for you right now?

One thought on “Mondays are Droll

  1. I love Mondays! I can chorus rehearsal and get to see a Certain Person. 😉 It's nice having something to look forward to on Mondays — otherwise, they would definitely be droll.

    Although, I did get a 90 on an APUSH test (those tests are virtually impossible) and a 100 on an essay from Mrs. N. =)


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