Golden Hour and Sunset

It was one of those days where I felt uninspired. Not really uninspired, just tired and unmotivated. We’ve all had those days.

(This picture isn’t really in focus, but I really like it for some reason.)
I kept getting distracted while doing schoolwork, and ignored my list of goals for the day. 

Instead of continuing my tirade of procrastination, I grabbed my youngest sister and we went outside.

There’s something magical about going outside during the golden hour of sunset. This was only accentuated by the fact that it had just rained, and the lighting had a queer tint to it. 

By the time I had come back in, I felt more motivated to work on my goals list (that I refuse to call a “to-do list”). 
The point? If you feel uninspired, take a break from whatever you were doing and go somewhere. Outside, to another room, etc. It truly does help.
Have a lovely day, friends!

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