It’s finally fall. The weather has been playing it’s little game again – one day, we’ll be wearing long sleeves, and the next, short sleeves.
However, the nights are cooler and the darkness comes sooner. The mornings are more cautious, and cooler as well.

It’s not necessarily the weather that makes me think of fall around this time of year. It’s the calender. Today is the 26th of September – only four more days until October.

Since I was little, October has always symbolized the beginning of a… special time. Part of me wants to say the holidays, since my birthday at the end of October thrusts my family into a flurry of excitement and preparation for the rest of the holidays that doesn’t calm until January. 
Part of me is excited, of course, for that. But I really want this time to linger. It hasn’t lingered lately, and I miss it. I miss actually formulating my life within the moment, instead of catching a fleeting glance as each one passes me by. The first part of October, therefore is especially important to me. I love it. I can’t wait to wear a sweater again.
It’s a treasured time for me. I cringe to think that college applications will consume quite a bit of time during the upcoming months (not just October), but I keep telling myself that it’s worth it. 
Of course it is, isn’t it?
I hope each and every one of you has an amazing last four days of September. And please, don’t ever wish for time to go by faster. It will. And it won’t stop. 
(all images from pinterest – click on each image to be taken to the source)

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