Never Stop Dreaming (good news)

So, I was actually going to post something else today, but instead, I wanted to tell all of you some insanely good news. (Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and elsewhere have probably already seen me gushing about it.)

The text on your screen probably looks relatively unemotional, but I’ve actually been crying in relief for the past ten minutes. I’m a mess over here, which means you should be happy that you’re not watching this on video. Anyhow. A mess, but a really happy, idiotic mess.

I’ve been accepted into the honors program at my chosen school.

You have absolutely no idea how amazing this feels. I feel as if I’m about to burst from happiness (and relief that the wait is over). Thank you, Jesus. 


The pressure was intense – the program only accepts 20 students a year. The benefits include priority registration, a separate freshman seminar, additional scholarship money, an exclusive study abroad opportunity, and more.

Is it any wonder that I’m excited?

This goes for students from all paths of life who are willing to work, but to homeschool students especially – don’t worry that you’ll be limited by your education style. I’ve never sat in a public or private school, but I’m still achieving things that I never thought were possible for me. However you are educated, you can succeed if you put effort into it. Consider my experience an example.

Never stop dreaming, my friends.

Dear College: Spam Mail


This, my friends, is the result of saving mail. Saving college spam mail, specifically.

Here’s a quick background if you’re new to my college ramblings. I’m a senior, graduating this spring. I’ve applied to and been accepted to three colleges – I’ll be attending my top school next fall.

I really despise waste. Honestly, I’m not an absolute environmental junkie, but I really hate to see tons of unsolicited letters and college look-books arrive at my house. This past summer, I decided to save all of this mail, just to see how much I’d get.

The box on the left is mail from colleges that I did not apply to. The stack on the right is mail from the three colleges I applied to. The box is absolutely deceiving. Take a look at this picture.


 Okay, do you have a better idea of how big that box actually is? It’s really full. There are hundreds of letters and other promotional materials in it, literally crammed to the top.

In comparison, my second pile includes all of the official communication, including acceptance letters, scholarship letters, and honors letters. (No, I still haven’t heard about the important honors program. I should know by the end of February, probably.)

I have no problem with emails from schools. Hey, I can delete those if I don’t want them. But honestly, why do colleges insist on bombarding potential students with mail? My parents and I have joked that many of these colleges could create scholarships if they simply cut down on their mailing costs.

Colleges, if you’re reading this (you probably aren’t, but still), please knock it off with the mail. Not only could you actually help more students pay for school, but you could also help the environment. Even if you don’t stop the mailing campaigns, consider more environmentally friendly packaging. Something inside of me dies every time I receive a college lookbook wrapped in plastic that my area doesn’t recycle.

A couple of fast facts: only one piece of mail I’ve received has used packaging that is totally environmentally friendly.

Most of my spam mail is from Radford University, Muhlenburg College and Southern Weseleyan University.

Over 60% of the mail I’ve received has been unsolicited. 

Quick note to colleges: If you like sending unsolicited spam mail to seniors after January 1st, you are wasting your money. I’m still receiving somewhat copious amounts of mail.

Rather Important News

With the craziness of the holiday season, I’ve restricted myself to posting pictures, rather than taking the time to write out my thoughts. I’m currently listening to this song, seated in an armchair with a mug of hot soup. Just a little while ago, I was at work, shelving books and enjoying talking with the librarians. Working there has been the most amazing experience ever – first of all, I work with books. The librarians are like extended family members who genuinely care about you. For instance, when telling them exciting news, they become extremely excited and insist you tell all the other librarians working. i.e. – tonight.

I’ve been hinting at some really exciting news, haven’t I? I’ve known for a week, but have been basking in the joy of knowing.
Knowing. Certainty. Altogether, loveliness.
Last Tuesday, I received my acceptance letter to my favorite university. Not only have I been admitted, but I have also been given a somewhat significant scholarship towards tuition. 
Oh goodness. I’m about to explode from happiness. Let’s forget that I haven’t heard from the community college for next semester classes. Let’s forget that I have an essay to write tomorrow. Let’s forget that I have to fill out the FASFA next week. 
I’m in. 

Furthermore, I’m now done with college applications. I’ve been accepted into every place I applied to, and I’m now done. 
For now. Tomorrow, I’ll finally get to work on an essay for the honors program. (Prayers would be much appreciated – the honors program is extremely exclusive, and I’m not sure I’ll get in.) But tonight? I’m thankful and full of joy. 

This week

-written Sunday-
Tonight, I sit enjoying those last few free hours before starting my studies again tomorrow. I needed the break, but I now need to get back to my regular schedule.
This week, I made cookies and brought them to work. I watched Home Alone 1 & 2, as well as the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I worked at the library three days and loved every second of them.
I played Scrabble with my dad, and read five Agatha Christie’s.
I took pictures. And video.
I minimally cleaned my room, and filled out parts of an Honors application. I suppose part of me is putting off the actual essay portion until next week.
I don’t blame me, do you?
(You’re not supposed to answer that question.)

-written Wednesday-
This post has been delayed by a couple of days. I hated to do it, but putting social media on the back burner helped me to accomplish a lot in school. Quite a lot. For all those who have emailed me, I’ll be catching up on my inbox later this week.

note: This week, I’ll be closing off the sign-up for the real people holiday swap. It doesn’t bother me that there are only a few of us. There’s something cozy about the idea of a couple people exchanging gifts and getting to know one another better. However, you are welcome to join in – we’d love to have you. Just click this link and comment on the post.