Rather Important News

With the craziness of the holiday season, I’ve restricted myself to posting pictures, rather than taking the time to write out my thoughts. I’m currently listening to this song, seated in an armchair with a mug of hot soup. Just a little while ago, I was at work, shelving books and enjoying talking with the librarians. Working there has been the most amazing experience ever – first of all, I work with books. The librarians are like extended family members who genuinely care about you. For instance, when telling them exciting news, they become extremely excited and insist you tell all the other librarians working. i.e. – tonight.

I’ve been hinting at some really exciting news, haven’t I? I’ve known for a week, but have been basking in the joy of knowing.
Knowing. Certainty. Altogether, loveliness.
Last Tuesday, I received my acceptance letter to my favorite university. Not only have I been admitted, but I have also been given a somewhat significant scholarship towards tuition. 
Oh goodness. I’m about to explode from happiness. Let’s forget that I haven’t heard from the community college for next semester classes. Let’s forget that I have an essay to write tomorrow. Let’s forget that I have to fill out the FASFA next week. 
I’m in. 

Furthermore, I’m now done with college applications. I’ve been accepted into every place I applied to, and I’m now done. 
For now. Tomorrow, I’ll finally get to work on an essay for the honors program. (Prayers would be much appreciated – the honors program is extremely exclusive, and I’m not sure I’ll get in.) But tonight? I’m thankful and full of joy. 

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