Never Stop Dreaming (good news)

So, I was actually going to post something else today, but instead, I wanted to tell all of you some insanely good news. (Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook and elsewhere have probably already seen me gushing about it.)

The text on your screen probably looks relatively unemotional, but I’ve actually been crying in relief for the past ten minutes. I’m a mess over here, which means you should be happy that you’re not watching this on video. Anyhow. A mess, but a really happy, idiotic mess.

I’ve been accepted into the honors program at my chosen school.

You have absolutely no idea how amazing this feels. I feel as if I’m about to burst from happiness (and relief that the wait is over). Thank you, Jesus. 


The pressure was intense – the program only accepts 20 students a year. The benefits include priority registration, a separate freshman seminar, additional scholarship money, an exclusive study abroad opportunity, and more.

Is it any wonder that I’m excited?

This goes for students from all paths of life who are willing to work, but to homeschool students especially – don’t worry that you’ll be limited by your education style. I’ve never sat in a public or private school, but I’m still achieving things that I never thought were possible for me. However you are educated, you can succeed if you put effort into it. Consider my experience an example.

Never stop dreaming, my friends.

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