This week

-written Sunday-
Tonight, I sit enjoying those last few free hours before starting my studies again tomorrow. I needed the break, but I now need to get back to my regular schedule.
This week, I made cookies and brought them to work. I watched Home Alone 1 & 2, as well as the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I worked at the library three days and loved every second of them.
I played Scrabble with my dad, and read five Agatha Christie’s.
I took pictures. And video.
I minimally cleaned my room, and filled out parts of an Honors application. I suppose part of me is putting off the actual essay portion until next week.
I don’t blame me, do you?
(You’re not supposed to answer that question.)

-written Wednesday-
This post has been delayed by a couple of days. I hated to do it, but putting social media on the back burner helped me to accomplish a lot in school. Quite a lot. For all those who have emailed me, I’ll be catching up on my inbox later this week.

note: This week, I’ll be closing off the sign-up for the real people holiday swap. It doesn’t bother me that there are only a few of us. There’s something cozy about the idea of a couple people exchanging gifts and getting to know one another better. However, you are welcome to join in – we’d love to have you. Just click this link and comment on the post.

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