ABCs of thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks
There’s something lovely about taking an entire day to focus on the things we’re grateful for. Although without meaning to, Thanksgiving has also evolved into a holiday celebrating gluttony (as Black Friday has also become a day to celebrate consumerism… definitely intentional). I’m grateful for the memories made with my family yesterday. 
A holiday tradition of ours is to go to my aunt’s house. There, we see all the family that, unfortunately, we only see about once a year. (Thanksgiving. Yep, you guessed it.) It’s fabulous though, to travel on Thanksgiving Day. There’s absolutely no one on the roads.
I’m so thankful for so many things. It’s impossible to even start to list them…
Like last year, I’m linking up to Rachel at Finding Joy with the ABC’s of Thanks. 


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!

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