Foggy days

There’s something intensely gorgeous and mysterious about foggy days. Part of me dislikes them. They make me feel uninspired and unmotivated, especially if it’s raining. Every so often, however, I am tempted to like them by the sheer beauty caused by the damp clouds that cover the earth. This morning was one of those times.
After feeding the chickens, I switched lenses on my camera and went towards the barns. I’m enjoying the carefree feeling that being on break gives. It’s different from the normal routine of studying morning, noon and night. I’m loving it, and am so grateful for it.
I have so much to be thankful for, it’s not even funny. I have to say that you’ll probably be getting a “thankful” post sometime in the next few days. After I devour some murder mysteries and work on Christmas gifts.
(more photos on my Flickr)

3 thoughts on “Foggy days

  1. Lovely photos! The horses are gorgeous, how many do you have?I both like / dislike foggy days, sometimes they can be enchanting and mysterious and other times they can be dull and uninteresting. I love foggy days best when they hold the enchanting mood!~ Chloe

  2. it is with a kind of awe that I write this. i believe i've laid eyes upon the epitome of unadorned, natural beauty.

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