Wednesday Thoughts

Perhaps this post is a bit of a cop-out. I want to post, and would love to write something, but it’s almost 1am and I’m just finishing up those emails from this afternoon. As I told my roommate, sometimes it’s difficult to get the balls back in the air after being sick. Her response was something to the effect of you have like 15 balls in the air, of course it’s hard. But in all seriousness, you never know how much you actually do until you can’t do it anymore, and you have to send a half dozen emails a day just to cancel things.
But it’s so good to be back, to be well. The homework for the rest of the week is light, except for a test in French that I need to study for, so I’m excited to grab a cup of tea tomorrow morning and linger over the papers I need to comment on and the chapter on feminist literary theory. I can’t wait to grab lunch with a friend tomorrow, and take some time just to enjoy talking with another person – literally, something I’ve been yearning for all week.
I’m in a fabulous mood because I’m well, and because the balls are floating in the air like they should be. Because I finished the bulk of an application today and because my paper was accepted to a conference. Because I have three starred emails in my inbox instead of ten, and that history paper from last week that I thought was so awful got full points. A mix of little things and big things, but I’m so thankful for all of them.

These photos are from December, when I was last home. They may be unrelated, but do enjoy.







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