Copycat’s Closet {2}

Hello, hello, hello.

It’s me again. Am I the only one in desperate need of a summer vibe?

a13af76366b45a3649ff724ac213f6d8I’m ready for warmer weather and cute dresses.  It didn’t help that I was on pinterest and came across this picture of Dianna Agron in a dark blue, night sky print dress and sunglasses. Since she had a chambray shirt tied over top of it I figured I could use that to make it work for my colder weather wardrobe and still give myself a taste of the coming spring.

I went thrifting again and found a similar dress with a flower print instead of a celestial one. It cost me a whole 50 cents. I did have to hem it up since the 90’s had a different idea of where dresses should come to. I cut and hemmed it so that it hits just below my knees now instead of halfway down my shins.

The greatest thing about thrift stores is that people dump their old clothes there when they’re ugly and out of style. But everything comes back in, you just have to know where to find it. In the second store I went into I found a plethora of 90’s chambray shirts. I found the perfect one for $1.

I took them home and put the outfit together for a church function. Luckily for me it was indoors so I was warm AND cute.

Altogether, the copycat cost me $1.50 and ten minutes sewing time. 


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