Winter Wardrobe Staples

It’s great to be in fashion each season but some fashions don’t stay “in fashion” for very long. So in this post, I’d like to tell you about 4 winter wardrobe staples that you’ll be safe carrying over into the Spring season.

1. Black leather. Jackets, boots, pants… black leather is in and it’s not just punk anymore.

2. Colored tights. Tights have made an appearance in adult fashion as much as the little girl’s section as ever in the last year.

3. Florals. Floral print doesn’t really go out of style but it does change. But spring is the biggest time for florals so if you like it now, don’t worry. It will be fine for spring too.

4. Lace.  Everyone’s got lace fever. This is being overdone right now so I can see the interest fading out quickly, but keep it subtle and you’ll be fine.

PicMonkey CollageWhat is your favorite season-blind fashion staple?

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