Christchurch Meadows

“Good morning Miss. Beautiful day out, isn’t it?” I love walking through the meadow in the morning, listening to the sound of rowing teams pushing their boats away from shore and feeling the slight breeze from the water. The College’s cattle lie nearby, spread out across the green pasture. The gothic spires of Christ Church rise up in the distance – an afterthought, really, in the clear morning air.

The old man on the bench along the inlet greets me, as he does every morning. Within a few moments, I am at the iron gate, slipping through the one-person exit to the alley leading to High Street (bustling, busy, the biggest street in Oxford). Just in time for tea and breakfast.

(More about Christchurch Meadows)




Magdalen College
Magdalen College from Meadows exit




Christchurch College from Christchurch Meadows


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