9 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. this is GORGEOUS! I'm going to the beach in a few weeks and after looking at this picture I'm motivated to get up super early one day and take pictures like this one! πŸ™‚

  2. Ok, so I don't always read every post in my Google Reader feed, but the title "Sunrise" caught my eye. If you didn't know, I have a thing for pictures of the sky, at anytime- it's God's biggest canvas and always changing! I love it haha. But anyways, do you mind if I doanload this to my computer? For my own enjoyment of course haha.
    I was actually thinking of you recently as I was listening to the CD I won in one of your random drawings a couple years back, Hymns of the Morning from Our Daily Bread. I still love that CD haha. Just wanted to say hey, hope God's been blessing ya! =)

    1. You're welcome to download it, Ray. I have right clicking disabled on pictures though, so I'll shoot a copy to you via email. We need to catch up!

  3. We're going to Florida in September, & I am SO biking to the beach super early in the morning. I'll probably take about 100,000 photos. *dreamysigh* I love the beach so much! ❀

    eve @ essence of eve

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