Photo Editing: Before and After

A few friends have asked me about my editing process, and I thought I’d put up a before and after on the blog. The original is a great picture, but could use a few touch-ups. You’ll notice that there’s not much visible difference between the before and after, but the image is clearer, with more contrast. The original was overexposed (I was shooting 1/4000 shutter speed because of the brightness), so after decreasing the exposure in Lightroom, I added some contrast to certain points of the image. I used the adjustment brush on the background, and for some small facial touch-ups. (Love Lightroom, but never used the adjustment brush? Try it – it makes LR a far more powerful photo editor.)

So, there ya go! Image is of me and my mom, and shot by Neighgirl (on my camera).

2 thoughts on “Photo Editing: Before and After

  1. it must be said. your mother looks like a celebrity. and you always look amazing, but this is perhaps your most natural smile. and the hair and earring combination so cute it makes me dribble.

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