At the Day’s End

I’m really happy to say that I’ve done nothing but the three Rs this week – I’ve rested, relaxed and renewed. It’s been amazing, actually. Almost every morning this week, I’ve woken up, sleepily thrown on jeans and a T-shirt, and gone running. I’m starting to fall into a nice running groove where I’m actually in shape, so I don’t spend as long doubled over and out of breath. I’m starting to run farther, and today I ran up and down this gigantic hill we have on the farm. Also, the fact I can do all this is a T-shirt is astounding. Heck, it’s getting a wee bit warm even for me.


Besides having to go into work at my normal times, I’ve had the loveliness of no set schedule. This has meant lots of photography, crafting, design, and the like. Oddly enough, I’m still procrastinating – I have a bunch of emails to take care of, and a couple of other assorted design projects to finish that haven’t really gotten touched. (Don’t worry, by the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll be working on them.)

I’ve become majorly addicted to cheese (fresh mozzarella, please), and fresh fruit. I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve eaten for dinner the past two or three nights.

I’m also majorly addicted to Agnes Obel’s Riverside from the iTunes Live au Paris album. I really want to see her in concert one day – just sayin’.

God is good. Life is good.

I’m off to charge up my camera batteries (for a shoot tomorrow) and listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 soundtrack a couple hundred times. (Speaking of which… 1. Hans Zimmer is the BEST and 2. Is anyone else excited about the 5th one? *cue geeking/fangirling from Amanda*)


… before you go, check out my redone About Me page. I did a few touch-ups.

P.S. – major thanks to Hellocotton for featuring this post on their homepage over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “At the Day’s End

  1. I love your photos so much…who doesn't? You do such a great job!! Lovely post by the way, and I am so glad that you enjoy running (!) and are a fan of The Pirates of the Carribean – At my house Jack Sparrow quotes are very popular!!
    P.S what do you think of the fourth movie? – I haven't watched it yet.

    1. Chloe – I looooveee the fourth movie. I've seen it… two, maybe three times? Seriously, it's probably one of my favorites of the franchise. It's definitely on par with the first one, in that it's a stand-alone movie with a fantastic plot and awesome characters. I'm really super excited to see what sea legend(s) they use in the fifth one! You should totally watch it!

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