Amazing is…


… when the first thing you see upon entering Fresh Market is a staff member wandering around with a watering can

… when you and your mum have two hours to kill in the city. Cue playing with puppets and getting lost in Barnes and Noble.

… when you find that many of the pictures you took today contain inside jokes or hilarious facial expressions. (You may get to see a few. No promises though…)

… when you’re so excited to go to work in the morning that you can’t see straight.

… when you come home to a letter asking you to confirm your place in the Honors Program. The excitement begins anew.

… when you peep at your WordPress Dashboard to find several new comments waiting for you.

… when you find you’ve been featured on Hellocotton for the weekend. (link)

… when you realize that tomorrow is a new day, and another chance to live life to the fullest.

Happy Saturday, friends! I have loads of pictures waiting to pop up on the blog next week. (some may or may not be edited yet.) I have several videos to cut together from some footage, but for now, I’m so excited for the weekend. I’m excited for work, and excited for the adventures of Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, I was down at the beach part of the day for a shoot. It was amazing.

You’re amazing too – every time I get a sweet comment or email, you make my day. Thank you, everyone, for making this blogging experience so wonderful. Have an amazing weekend…

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