Glimpses of Spring


Happy Thursday, friends. It’s been quite the weather adventure here lately. We’ve gone from days of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees with enormous amounts of windchill. It’s been kind of insane. Just think, it’s only the beginning of February.


The warmer days have caused some early-blooming flowers to emerge in the beds.


Some of my personal favorites are these crocuses. They always remind me that spring is just around the corner.

And so it would seem. At the moment, I’m not-so-patiently waiting for March to come. With it’s arrival will come my financial aid package from my chosen school, as well as a decision about my admittance (or not) into their Honors program.

{Please say some prayers – I go for the interview next week.}

Today, however, I will not be worrying about what I cannot control. Today I shall be working on my English classes, going out to lunch with my friend/mentor, and celebrating my youngest sister (G’s) birthday this evening.

I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring, but it’s always lovely to see those indicators that it’s only a month or two away.


How are you doing, friends?

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