DIY – Cute Envelopes

It’s so exciting to see a letter from a friend in your mailbox. That’s the lovely thing about snail mail – it’s so much more physical and therefore personal than email.

One thing I enjoy doing to personalize letters to friends is to make my own envelopes. No, it’s not hard, nor does it take that much time. In this post, I’ll show you how to make them and provide you with a bit of inspiration.

You’ll Need:

Envelope template (here)

Patterned scrapbooking paper






I have this massive collection of gorgeous scrapbooking papers in my papercrafts drawer. I’ve never had too much use for it, but the designer/artist in me loves collecting pretty paper.


You can buy pre-cut cards and envelopes at any crafts store. I generally have a stock of pre-cut cards on hand because I have this problem.

I can’t cut straight lines.

Yes, it’s true. I have issues… let’s just move past this part.


Use your envelope template, and trace the outline onto the paper. Cut it out.


Folding it together is a bit tricky. For each fold needed, I line it up on two ends, and crease it in, versus creasing it out and making it crooked.

Did I ever tell you I have a problem with straight lines?


When you’re finished folding, you can glue your envelopes together. Because most of mine are made when-needed, I use a wide tape (such as packing tape). However, if you’re using glue, I’d advise putting the envelope in a phone book while drying, just to make sure it dries flat.

Have fun with your lovely envelopes!
(Want to see the cards inside? That’s the next DIY coming up.)

3 thoughts on “DIY – Cute Envelopes

  1. So cute!! I owe you a letter too… I love getting mail.
    Maybe if I can find some paper worthy of thing DIY, then you'll get a homemade envelope too. Unlike you, I hate scrapbooking…so I don't think we have any scrapbooking paper laying around.


  2. oh my soul, Amanda these are l o v e l y.
    we so need to send some of these
    to each other with nice, juicy letters inside, of course.

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