Burst of Summer – Peach Smoothies (recipe)

Okay, so maybe smoothies are a little bit out of season in the US. After all, it is the beginning of February. * But they are not out of season in Australia, so I’m gonna go on that and post this. Don’t mind my logic.


*This asterisk is here because you may be like me. If you’re like me, you are craving fresh fruits and veggies like no one’s business, regardless of the fact that it’s 20 degrees outside. If you’re like me, then you’ll probably want to keep reading. If you’re not, then you can get a cup of hot coffee and do whatever coffee-lovers like to do.

Don’t mind me – coffee-lovers are mystifying to me. That’s all that is. Read on, friends.



Peach Smoothies

*makes about one tall glass

1 1/2 Cups peaches: halved or quartered (partially frozen)

1/3 Cup yogurt (regular or vanilla. if vanilla, omit the vanilla extract)

1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 tsp water (you may need more, just to allow your blender to work)

a pinch of ground nutmeg


Place all ingredients in blender. Pulse until smooth. Enjoy!



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