Monday Inspiration

1. Food Inspiration. This cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread looks amazing (link), as does it’s savory counterpart on Smitten Kitchen (link). I’m seriously putting these soft pretzel tots on my list of things to make. Aren’t they fantastic? (link) Overall, one of my favorite food websites has been putting out a lot of great stuff. Their weekly emails are delectable. (Serious Eats)

2. Featured. This past week I was super excited to have my first set of Lightroom 3 presets featured on Photo Tuts +. This website is so fantastic. You all need to definitely check this out.

3. Clothing Inspiration. These dresses on eShakti. They are fantastic. (link and link) Also, Shabby Apple’s new Mad Hatter line has some really cute dresses. Do want. (link)

4. On the blog this week. Here’s a few peeks at the awesome stuff going up on the blog this week. I’m excited – how about you? I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday taking pictures, writing posts, and etc.


5. Photography Inspiration. This post from Olivia at Rise and Fly. (link) This post from Simi at In Search of Beautiful. Can you believe she only JUST got a DSLR? She’s crazy good. (link) These portrait photos from Sabrina Cichy Photography. Love them. (link)

Have a lovely Monday, friends!

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