Disneyworld (pt1)

Part 1: It’s not often my family goes on vacation. In fact, we never go on vacation as a family (with one exception) because of farm animals that require care. I’m currently on a vacation with my mum, aunt, and sisters.I’m typing this outside on the balcony. Florida weather is amazing in January, especially compared to the 20 degree weather I just came from. We haven’t even stepped inside Disneyworld yet, and here’s what has happened. Between you and me, we’ll call it Murphy’s Law.

 – My madre lost her driver’s license in the rental car. (It took lots of help from the rental car people.)
– We then lost our confirmation for getting the rental car out of the airport. (It was found, eventually.)
– We got lost on our way to the hotel. (A common theme, it happened during my college visit to Lynchburg.)
– Our hotel room/condo had broken tiling and mold in the master bedroom. (We switched rooms just now.)
– The lock got jammed in the new room and we were locked in. (Was just resolved.)
– A sibling just put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher, and caused a sudsy incident.

On the bright side, my mum just returned from a trip to the store with the announcement that she didn’t get hit by an 18-wheeler. Maybe Murphy is tired of law enforcement?I’ll be writing more from Florida soon.

Meanwhile we’ve all decided to laugh at everything that happens. Because at this point, we’re determined to have fun and not let the little things bother us. (Has anyone ever seen the Chevy Chase movie, “Funny Farm”? Because this vacation is reminiscent of that.) On that note – I’m going to go be eaten by dolphins at Sea World. Ciao.

farmgirl-0087.jpgfarmgirl-0122.jpgfarmgirl-0057.jpgfarmgirl-0201.jpgfarmgirl-0213.jpgfarmgirl-0230.jpgfarmgirl-0205.jpgfarmgirl-0233.jpgfarmgirl-0248.jpgfarmgirl-0302.jpgfarmgirl-0306.jpgfarmgirl-0312.jpgfarmgirl-0333.jpgfarmgirl-0338.jpg(Favorite picture ever)farmgirl-0344.jpgfarmgirl-0350.jpgfarmgirl-0359.jpgfarmgirl-0365.jpgfarmgirl-0369.jpgfarmgirl-0395.jpgfarmgirl-0403.jpg Part 2: I’m incredibly grateful that random incidents were limited to the hotel room and airport. As you might have guessed, the above part was written much earlier. I was not eaten by dolphins. Now, it’s late, and we’re discussing plans for tomorrow. My only comment from today? I want a sea lion. Badly. In case you couldn’t guess from the amount of pictures.

Good night, friends!

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