Adventures of a thursday


Thursday was slightly abnormal in and of the fact that I had some time in the afternoon free from school. It’s normal for me to work until about six or seven in the evening on my studies, except for work days and weekends. But I digress.
Thursday, I slipped outside and took a couple of quick photos. I then went with my family as we ran some quick errands – thrift shopping and the library.


I love this particular little thrift shop in our area. They have the best clothes, and although they’re small, I always seem to find something. Many of my absolute favorite dresses have been found there.


This is where I work. I know – I didn’t take many pictures at all in the library. It was incredibly busy, and there’s something almost violating about a camera shutter when it’s blissfully quiet. Still, I literally live at my local library. I work there part-time, and often find myself there in order to study.


Dirty windshield? Of course. Gorgeous sunset? Absolutely.
Love. Love it so much.

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