On simplicity

There are so many references to a time when life was “simple”. Though you may be speaking of childhood versus adulthood, I’d like to address it historically.
In my belief, there was no time that was “simple”. Only by comparison. Technology and the burdens that go with it did not exist a century or more ago, yes. But was it truly “simple”? No. Each day and age has it’s own challenges and new ideas and concepts that must be dealt with. Women’s rights were not a simple concept when they were introduced. They defied the norms of centuries upon centuries of cultures. In the Western world, these rights are now a norm.
It was only “simpler” because it the concepts faced then are old news to humans in the 21st century. All this is to say – wishing that we lived in the past because it was “simpler” is inaccurate and somewhat of a lie to ourselves.
Simplicity may adopt any number of definitions, but the general term implies a removal of ourselves from fast-paced consumer culture. Looking for simplicity? Don’t wish yourself into the past. It is hard, but possible to strip our lives of the artificial and the necessary. What really matters, in the end? What really matters to help you live day-to-day? It is equally possible to get carried away with this, but each of us can discern how to implement it in our lives.
Simplicity is an action. Not a past tense. If you want it… you have to live it. 

note: I’m tired, but happy. Finishing up with my European History course has caused this little, probably-incoherent set of musings. 

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