Woodland Magic


Sometimes, it’s good to just drop what you’re doing, take your sister and the dog, and go out into the woods for a while. Even though I was still exhausted from traveling, that’s what I did on Sunday. My sister convinced me to do a photoshoot with her, and we ended up taking the old pickup truck and our German Shepherd out to a rather remote corner of the farm.
It was pure magic. The sun was setting, and the leaves were bright yellow, orange and red.

Moving on to other things – I’m posting this in a bit of a hurry. In a few minutes, I’ll leave to go down South again for a few days… I love traveling, but is it sad that I’ll be happy when I’m home again? When I’m home, I’ll literally go straight to work at the Farmers Market, and then have plans for Sunday.
I’ve come to the conclusion that my life is crazy. Crazy busy. Crazy good. 
Have a wonderful rest of your week, friend!
(I have an exciting post to put up… if some things pull through over the next week.)

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