I’ve been slinking around the blogging community quite a lot these past few weeks. I haven’t posted for a few weeks while I work on the redesign of my site… yet again.

forestdreams 024

It’s been an interesting week in the circles I visit online. It’s odd… no, actually, not that odd that when a popular blogger posts about changing their blog for this purpose or that purpose, their post is followed by a half-a-dozen posts mimicking that blogger.

 I generally don’t save college emails from those I’m not applying to, but I saved this one because of a phrase within it.

“…it really pays not to settle for “just OK” when Wow is within your reach.”

Wow is within your reach. To every single one of you reading this, wow is within your reach if you stay true to who you are. A blog is made to reflect the personality of the blogger behind it, not the latest trend.
Go for the wow factor, people.

My latest project has been the web design for Bloom! Magazine. About a month ago, I joined their staff as a web designer and I’ve been planning this website transition with KyAnn for a while. It’s finally… almost done.  You can check out the full design here.

forestdreams 003

Between web design, work, and classes, it’s been crazy. My summer has been like the rest of my school year. But that’s okay. Summer is almost over.
Now it’s crisper out in the mornings. Hurricane Irene seems to have left fall here as she flew by… and I’m perfectly happy with it.

I’m not going to drag this post out forever. I do intend on posting a little more frequently then I have been as of late. As you may have noticed, I’m back to Blogger on this portion of my site, just for developing purposes. I’ll be discussing my web design further… as I finish the main site.
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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