Keep Your Face Always Toward the Sunshine…

Walt Whitman, one of my favorite American poets is quoted as saying “keep your face always toward the sunshine – and the shadows will fall behind you”. We so often concentrate on the drama and negativity certain events or people bring into our lives that we forget to focus on what makes our lives so amazing.

The sunshine.

This is one example of sunshine. Or rather a lazy piece of sunshine, who is currently inhabiting my desk chair. She triumphs in occupying the areas I desert (hence, above – the computer’s place on the desk). I cleaned my room last night, and she found sweater box, which she has formally adopted.


Another piece of sunshine is the fact that I finish drivers ed tomorrow. Finally.

I haven’t really been enjoying that class. I don’t mind the material, but a combination of a lax teacher and high-schoolers who act like middle schoolers is enough to drive me up a wall.

On the bright side, we did watch Mythbusters… multiple times.

My lovely friend Rosiee sent me this hat a few weeks ago.
Another piece of sunshine. And yes, I do wear berets in August, thank you very much. I love them.

What do you do that goes against the flow? More importantly – what’s your sunshine?

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