webcams and other such nonsense…

Hello darlings,

After a full week of chicken-processing/veggie-washing, I’m pretty tired. Actually, a lot tired. Part of that, of course, is because I have been Skyping with friends at night. *cough* Yeah, I know, but I have to stay sane somehow, right?
The best/worst part is that I start almost the same exact week tomorrow morning at 6:30(am).

Today, I have been to church, eaten goat, and discovered the awesomeness of House. (<— The t.v. show.) Of course, my friend happened to have the entire first season that I could borrow. Oh goodness. I'm kind of addicted now.

(I apologize for the terrible grainy webcam picture. You get the idea though. :D)

I kind of love having a webcam. Just sayin’.

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