HTML and CSS – Beginning

A typical mistake that many people, including myself, make is to lump CSS in with the term “HTML”. I’m currently taking a course on web design that covers a lot of these basic aspects that I’ve managed to miss while teaching myself how to code in these two languages.

First of all – CSS is the stuff the defines what your blog looks like. It allows you to define text styles, colors, background colors, and font styles.
HTML follows after CSS on an internal stylesheet. Those of you with Blogger have an internal stylesheet. This means that your CSS and HTML is lumped into one document. Those of you with WordPress have an external stylesheet – aka, one that is physically separated from your HTML and PHP codes. (We won’t worry about PHP right now.)

This is CSS:

.titles {
text-align: center;
color: #000000;
font-size: 18pt;

As you can see, it tells you what the titles of a website will look like.

This is HTML:

<p span class=titles>This is a Title</p>

Above is an example of HTML, using our “titles” class described in the CSS above. The title would be in the center of the page, black, and 18pt big – because of the attributes in the CSS.

Interesting, no?
It may seem basic, but knowing this information allows you to develop much more complicated web pages in the future.

Next up: GIMP tutorial…

3 thoughts on “HTML and CSS – Beginning

  1. Amanda I cried when I saw this. Salvation has come. I love you.


  2. Great post on the basics of HTML and CSS, thanks. I started out with a pretty good tutorial for both, so I've fortunately never had this problem. is great for stuff like this, have you ever heard of it?

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