heart! let us forget him…

Admittedly, I’m pretty exhausted right now. Okay – that’s not the best way to begin a blog post but it’s the truth. I’m on a catch-up schedule for school, which results in little spare time and lots of tired.
How are you all doing? It was fantastic to read all of your sweet comments on my last post. I’m feeling much, much, much better.

I’ve made barely any progress on my Lenten Project. I have so many ideas, but so little time to type them down. Added to that, my 4+ month writers block is over, and I’m getting tons of ideas for a longer project I was working on.
I hate time.
Don’t you?

Music is keeping me motivated at the moment to keep going, not to get discouraged with the amount of work I have to do, and to take everything in stride.
Oh dear. I sound morbid, don’t I?

On the bright side, I wrote my monthly editorial for Stage of Life.com, which went up yesterday. Here’s a excerpt:

My first intention for this editorial was to write a hysterical couple of paragraphs on the SAT that I supposedly took this morning. Unfortunately, I missed the said test due to sickness. You will now have to eagerly wait for dread the coming of this scrutiny… until May.

In its stead, I shall review the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology… in regards to friendship. Complicated enough to replace the SAT Math section? I think not, but I digress…
If you want, you can read more here…
(Yes, Bleah dear… 😀 That is you I mentioned. xoxo)

But yes. By the way, in case you wanted to know, Herbert I (my old, cranky computer) has been replaced with Herbert II. Herbert II is noisy, and hates video, but otherwise, he’s faster than Herbert I. XD
I like naming my technology. It feels good to actually call it something when/if you yell at it.
Isn’t that odd of me?

(Pictures from weheartit.com because I’m about to fall asleep, and didn’t feel like going through photos on my partially transferred “new” computer…)

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