I skipped the SAT

The title doesn’t say everything. Including why your favorite blogger *winkwink* chose to stay home from one of the biggest tests in her high school career.

Before you call me a wimp, let me explain…

After a lovely early week, I came down with something closely resembling the flu. I won’t claim that it really was, on the pure insistance that a flu has never come and gone, for the most part in 48-72 hours for me before…
I never did finish that DBQ, by the way.
Just in case you wanted to know.

I probably could have gone this morning, but after two days without studying and still feeling not my best, I didn’t exactly feel prepared to attack a long test and a school full of germs.
This is why I’m glad I am homeschooled.

So, per my tradition whenever I’m sick (generally), I won Chocolatier 3, caught up a little bit on casual reading, and muttered curses compliments at my computer, Herbert whenever he froze.
My computer has a name. Imagine that.
Warning – he’s old, cranky, and likes to pause in the middle of things to take a nap… *cough*

And that, my friends, is about how interesting my life is right now. Are you doing/have you done anything exciting this weekend? Entertain me, darlings.

(The screenshot isn’t mine – I’m way too lazy right now to go and open up the game again…)

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