a light

my dad and I were having one of those serious conversations that only dads and daughters have about college, and the future and all that. I was telling him what colleges I was seriously considering, and he asked me about my major pertaining to these schools.
Journalism. This has been the choice in the back of my mind since I started high school, but only recently has it come into full bloom as my actual declared major (when looking for colleges).
Unfortunately, of the two top contenders for my favorite school, neither of them has a journalism major.
When my dad heard this, he asked me;
“What kind of journalism are you thinking of?”
I answered. He then offered some brilliance I hadn’t even thought of before.
“Why don’t you major in International Studies with a minor in English then?”
of course
This makes absolute, perfect sense. Both of these two schools are renowned for/have amazing International programs and offer the major. How could it get any better?
I’m wondering why I didn’t figure this out myself, but sometimes we need others to point things out in order to see them.
And sometimes, we just need to look afresh at what is already before our eyes.

3 thoughts on “a light

  1. Haha, I have this conversation with my dad on a weekly basis. And, I thought I had everything figured out, and then he suggested a job that I could be really good at.
    And, now I’m at a loss again.

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