and to dust you shall return…

Just an hour ago, I returned from the traditional Ash Wednesday service at my church. Ash Wednesday is the start of the church’s observance of Lent – ending on Easter Sunday. During this time, it is customary for many Christians who observe Lent to “give up” something.
I remember, one year, my family gave up TV. For a whole. forty. days.
I don’t think we’ve watched much television since. Life-changing? Maybe so.
Definitely a time to rearrange our priorities in order to make time for those things that truly matter.

Not coincidently (how could it be?), I wrote a gigantic honors assignment today for English 3. On Thoreau’s life at Walden and his ideas versus the general habits of American society.

"Are we dedicated to an elevation of purpose? This question might best be answered by each and every person in society. An elevation of purpose in a society as a whole is not a recognition of our individual differences and personalities. Rather, it is a narrow attempt at national conformity. Each person should realize their own purpose, and then work to elevate it within their lives. On whether American society is currently doing this, it is quite difficult to say. There are many people who might be mentioned as living to an elevated purpose, but there are also many whom I wonder about – whether they live their lives with an elevated purpose, or not. It is, indeed, up to each individual person to decide what or who they will live their lives for. As we enter an age of increased complexity, Americans might be well off to look at the lives of those, like Thoreau, who have gone before us. Through them, we might all see a glimmer of light, and an inspiration beyond the future."

Thoreau was a wise man.

During this time of self-reflection and re-purposing, I shall be starting a new project, as an effort to make time in my day for God.
You’re probably wondering what this project is, aren’t ya?
I’m so glad you asked.

I’ll be starting a sort of study/devotional book. It will be on Scripture, and Lord of the Rings – two of my favorite topics. I’m very excited. You’ll probably see a couple posts over the next forty days that spawn from that work.
Just warning you.
Just in case you’re not Lord-of-the-Rings literate.
Just in case you start to think, “Oh my gosh – this kid really is crazy!”.
πŸ™‚ Yup, that’s me. Crazy and lovin’ it.

Two/three/four tiny notes for you:
1.) Pam – congrats on getting all the answers right on Whiz Kid! Shoot me an email, and I’ll get you hooked up with that Amazon gift code.
That last question really got you all, didn’t it? The answers:
a. Washington Irving
b. Edgar Allen Poe
c. Nathaniel Hawthorne
d. Henry David Thoreau (have you heard that I like his work?)
e. William Cullen Bryant (from his poem Thanatopsis. it’s a gorgeous work regarding looking and thinking about death. i’d highly recommend it.)

If you’d care to input on what you think the next Whiz Kid should be about, topic-wise, leave a comment!

2.) I have SATs Saturday. Any prayers would be highly appreciated.
3.) You should check out this giveaway… Because Leanna is pretty cool like that, and she makes gorgeous stuff. And this giveaway, because we all love CSN…
4.) Opal has been sleeping in my closet. All day. *sniff* I’ve lost my little lapdog/lapcat…
Not that you wanted to know that, but whatever.
It’s all good, right?

One thought on “and to dust you shall return…

  1. Ah, I had the SATs too yesterday. Just a great way to start off Spring Break, uh.
    And, I totally remember reading Walden last semester in AP English….

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