dear school

Dear AP Euro,

You know how much I love you – but could you possibly give me a break? I have a DBQ (Document Based Question) to write on tomorrow that I’m not looking forward to… Can you please make it disappear?

Dear Algebra,

I have decided that multiplying matrices, combined with linear equations, is beyond my skill level. Besides the fact that it takes me 15 minutes per problem…
I would really like it if you’d be easy again. Please?

Dear English III,

You are awesome. Period.

Dear French II,

If you were a person, you would be someone who constantly repeats themselves… over, and over, and over again. I think by now, you’re an expert on my hobbies and favorite sports.

Dear Environmental Science,

I have no problem with writing a 3-page research paper. None in the least. Thank you for being manageable.

Dear Digital Media,

You are way too easy. And too much fun. And too distracting. But I love you anyways.


PS >>> You guys should go enter “Whiz Kid“. The first person to get all five questions right gets money. And guess what? It’s still up for grabs, since #5 has really, really stumped everyone. So here’s a hint for you all – the name of the poem is a combination of Latin for “death” and “nature” made up by the author.
Tricky, eh? Go, challenge yourself! Learn something!

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