Miscellany Monday

1. random fact.
I haven’t done Miscellany Monday in so long. And you know what? It feels good to write out a post full of random things. Because goodness knows that I have a lot of random things I want to tell you.
2. sight & sound
Do any of you know that I am obsessed, infatuated, and head-over-heels for Sight and Sound theatres? If you’ve never heard of them, they’re basically the Christian Broadway. I’ve seen Psalms of David, Daniel and the Lions, Abraham and Sarah. I also have missed two separate times I was supposed to go, due to sickness (I would have seen In the Beginning, and Voices of Christmas.) It looks like I’m going to miss it again – my aunt and uncle are/were taking me tomorrow as a late birthday present. However, the fact that we have snow all over, and 30MPH winds isn’t making this look too possible. 
3. christmas gifts
My purity/promise ring. 
Isn’t this necklace gorgeous? This was something my aunt gave me. I’m in love with it…
a gift certificate to one of my favorite Etsy shops. {orglamix}
Aren’t they gorgeous? I bought them off of Etsy for my sister Lauren.
These earrings = love. Another Etsy gift for a very dear friend of mine.
Can you tell that I love Etsy? Another gift for a friend. 
{FYI – the shops…}

What was your favorite gift that you gave this year?

4. school
Let’s just face it – I’m a nerd. I love love love school. I finished my World History and French 1 courses earlier this month, rounding out my final grades for sophomore year. (5 As and 1 B… not bad…)
Random fact – I love my school… the online school I go to is amazing. I ordered my new courses last Tuesday, and the textbooks were here on Thursday. Pretty sweet, huh?
Let’s take a look inside the box, shall we?
My textbook for AP European History… I’m so so so excited to start this course!
Algebra 2… hmmm… I’m actually interested in starting this one, though. I just have to work extra-hard to give myself extra study time.
Oh joy… Environmental Science.
English 3 Honors. I’ve heard some of my friends say that they think the course will be boring – it’s focus is American Literature. However, I’m pretty excited. 
(Here’s the novel I get to read for English.)
I’m also enrolled in Digital Media (which is a photography/web design course), and French 2. They don’t have textbooks, since they’re purely online.
How was your Christmas?
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6 thoughts on “Miscellany Monday

  1. Great etsy finds! I just love browsing etsy and finding unique gifts. I'll have to check those out.

    I really wish I would have had the option to attend high school online. It would have been a perfect fit for me as I am self-motivated and love being around my family. I loved the academic side of school and never found the same love for the social side. Oh well, too late now! It's nice to know that the option exists now, though πŸ™‚

  2. I have never been to a sight and sound theater but would love to go one day! Your purity ring and necklace are gorgeous! I am so glad you love your on line school and are doing so well. My son also does school on line. It's been a struggle for him, but we will get there.

  3. Actually, Eng 3 isn't so bad. I'm doing the Correspondence course, and not honors, so idk how that's gonna work. But the only thing is I find is that I forget it a lot since its not on the computer with all my other courses haha. It's a lot of the Fireside poets, Whitman, the Romantics, Transcendentalists, stuff like that.

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