yrreM samtsirhC (aka – Merry Christmas…)

The above title is a creative (or not-so-creative) way of saying Merry Christmas.
I know – I’m crazy. And I love it.
Actually, our whole Christmas is creative this year, since we have a 2ft tall tree…
This is because of construction on our house…
And because there were tears when it was suggested that we just skip a tree this year…
The only reason I would title this tree “creative” is because it’s a fiber-optic tree, that looks like a creepy rainbow when it’s lit.
Moving on. ๐Ÿ™‚

I  wish every one of you a wonderful, blessed, and beautiful Christmas. In your celebrations, remember the Christ – who came to earth as a little baby – because he loves us. 
Merry Christmas – because whether you spell it backwards or not, it still means the same thing.

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