Opal in Exile

Yesterday, on my Miscellany Monday post, I promised that I would give more details on Peter and Opal. I also have some pictures (yes, finally!).

This is Peter – he’s a New Zealand White rabbit and is about 8 years old. This picture (which isn’t all that good) was taken just a few minutes ago, so if he looks a little rough, then yes. I’m certain he’s feeling pretty sick right now. 
We’ve already determined that he’s almost totally blind (Did you know: NZW rabbits can develop an inherited form of glaucoma that will cause them eventual blindness?). Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure he has some other kind of sickness/condition that I can’t lay my hand on. 
He was an outdoor rabbit – now we’ve moved him into my room. And in the process, we’ve moved Opal out. 

Opal is currently living in my little sister’s room, and has resolved to hate me for the rest of my life.
Why, you ask?
Because of this.
and this…
All this for a rabbit? She’s not too happy with the idea.
This is the “I hate you” look. 
Not to say that she isn’t being loved. I think she’s wearing more doll clothes and having more tea parties then we could count. And from what she told me last time I saw her, she’s not too pleased with it. 

3 thoughts on “Opal in Exile

  1. You could NOT get my cat to wear doll clothes. LOL! Unfortunately, my kitty is sick too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We took her to the vet today. Apparently, she has some kind of ulcer that got infected in her mouth, giving her a slight fever, and a swollen face… Very odd. Though she still acts very much herself. (Including eating normally. hahaha)

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