Lovely Photo Wednesday

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire
I’m linking up with the first ever Lovely Photo Wednesday over at Aspire!
I won’t be silent here (sorry Hannah, not quite that brave – and certainly not omitting a post title yet). I took this picture months ago, but it’s one of my favorites from this summer. 
It captures so many memories for me – things that have changed over the past couple of months – both the good and the bad. It makes me remember that there is beauty in all of it, both the good and the bad. And it reminds me not to take the people you love for granted, which is so easy to do.
It’s amazing how many memories and emotions can be encompassed with one little picture. Of something beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Lovely Photo Wednesday

  1. What?! Not brave enough! Stinker! Hee hee…I'm just kidding. I'm not sure sure that I'd be brave enough either! (shhh…I never said that.) I love your photo and the symbolism behind it is beautiful. Thanks for linking up!

    Have a lovely, wordless OR word-filled Wednesday!

  2. Amanda, You follow my blog, and I recently changed my URL. Can you please re follow me? Other wise my posts won't appear on your dashboard. Incase you are wondering, I changed my screen name. I used to be Saratess.

    Heres my link:


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