three things {2}

The weather has changed almost overnight, and I now find myself in need of warm things. I’ve already been on a soup-making binge this month, but I’m looking forward to pulling out sweaters, tea, and perhaps even lighting up the fireplace as November quickly approaches. I’m visiting friends this week, and the drive up north was stunning, as the trees moved from mostly-green to various shades of orange.

I’m grateful for letter-writing and tea this week. I’m still catching up on letters from the past few months–various ember cards from friends, a few new folks to write back to. But the feeling of sending, and receiving a letter in the mail makes a new address feel like home. Also, what’s not to love about an excuse to bust out ink pens and wax seals?
Anyone who has read this blog for a while, or knows me in real life, knows that I’ve always been fond of tea. I really can’t get into coffee, and I love both the regularity and variety that tea can offer. I normally start off the morning with Yorkshire black tea, but right now I’m really feeling the Jane Austen Blend from Gillards of Bath (currently out of stock), and this Ti Quan Yin Oolong from Harney and Sons.

As I said above, I’m off working remotely for the week, ironically right after I installed my new state license plates on my car. It seems weird to travel during COVID when I have my own home now, but it’s nice to have a mental break from unpacking/domestic responsibilities. I’ll be using some of this time to wrap up a concluding work commitment, and to begin planning for the next few months, beginning with reading C.S. Lewis’ Four Loves, and sketching out my sermon for Nov. 8th (post-election day sermon. no pressure, right?). I hope your week is as renewing as I anticipate mine will be.

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