three things {1}

1. A colleague found this blog the other day, since I tend to only use it as a conduit for posting sermons nowadays. I think she might have assumed I was still actively blogging. And when I realized that assumption, I realized that I missed actively blogging… and the slow descent into a winter in pandemic here in the US seems like a good time to write again. I’ve seen a couple other folks pick up blogging again in the last few months, after initially abandoning our teenage blogs for Instagram and undergrad and careers. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect our weird little blogging community, yes?

2. The windowsills of my house are the perfect place to start seeds, apparently. The majority of the windows are rather small, so some rooms lack the amount of daylight that I’d prefer (still sorting out lighting), but these plants are perfectly happy. An added bonus is the chance to reuse paper egg cartons. I’m always looking for ways to substitute for disposable plastic–my current project is to collect enough glass storage for my kitchen that I don’t have to use plastic tupperware at all. So far, it’s a success, thanks to several IKEA runs and gifted canning jars from relatives. (Admittedly, this project is easier in my case, where I’m largely building a kitchen from scratch, and don’t have large amounts of plastic food storage already at hand.)

3. I’m delighted to say that I finally live in a place where I can have my cat (Opal), who has been a long-time presence on this blog. Anyone following me on Instagram already knows this, as I’ve been probably posting too many photos on there. But if you really love cats and are on Instagram, you can follow her at opal_la_chatte. She’s 13-ish now, but is doing really well. We had a slight scare a few weeks ago about potential lymphoma, but all signs seem to indicate that it’s either very early or some other far more minor issue. Otherwise, she’s healthy and is obsessed with food, catnip mice, excursions outside to the deck, and copious amounts of attention. And I’m grateful for a furry companion in this new stage of life!

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