Moving, Preaching, and Being Present | weekend reflections v. I

I’ve been trying to find a good format for blogging reflective posts. Sometimes my musings and “what is Amanda doing lately” posts can be incredibly drawn out, or just very boring for all (including myself). But I do think it is important to write these reflections down, and why do I have a blog, if not to write them here?

planning // I am on the cusp of another big move. I’m fairly certain the last one I blogged about was my move from the monastery to the outside world. Now, this transition is moving from the “outside world” to the different bubble that is and will be seminary. I will soon begin classes again, to my great delight. This weekend is the chaos of leaving one place–one last day in the office, one last Sunday on staff at my parish. I have a sermon to finish, bags to pack and an office to clean.

thinking // Obviously I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions (i.e. do they ever end?), but more helpfully, I’ve been writing a lot on community. What is the glue that holds our communities together? What is in our DNA that makes us push for community, for relationships, when there is so much to push us apart? Much of this comes out of my time in a monastic community, which is where I first began writing on this idea. No doubt these upcoming transitions will provide plenty of fodder for this project.

being // I’m constantly fighting to stay present to where I am physically. Times of transition are wonderful things for those of us who are type-A-planning-experts, but it is much harder for me to focus on what I’m called to do/how I am called to be within the 24hrs I am living in. Today, I am called to be present to those I’m working with (even on my last day). Tomorrow, I am called to be present to whatever that day may hold.

creating // As I’ve mentioned above, my creativity has most recently been expressed through writing. I’ve also been making pies for those whose houses I am staying in. (I have managed to perfect my pie crust this summer–if you would like proof, check out my Instagram.) However, I am excited to move into a more permanent space so that I can again engage in other artistic endeavors.

(p.s. flowers from a garden I had the pleasure of watering during part of the summer)

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