Five Things to Love About Edgar Allan Poe’s Mystery Dinner Party

Do you all remember how much I loved the Lizzie Bennett Diaries? I hope you do, and I also hope you’ve watched them because they are amazing. However, I think I may have found something even more fantastic in the form of Edgar Allan Poe’s Mystery Dinner Party, which boasts a few of the same actors from the aforementioned series, and a lot more intrigue and death.

As you all have probably gathered, I am particularly obsessed with mysteries, and when shows like this create mysteries out of literary characters… well, I’m all in.

Here are five things I love about the show, in honor of the five episodes that have been released as of today.


1. Ashley Clements as Charlotte Bronte is so perfect. We all remember her portrayal of Lizzie Bennett, and this sardonic, witty portrayal of Bronte is right up her alley.


2. Mary Shelley is hilarious, creepy, and just the sort of character who would write Frankenstein. And her tale of writing Frankenstein and having to publish anonymously is a moving, thoughtful commentary on women writers.


3. Sadly, we haven’t seen much of Agatha Christie yet, for reasons which I cannot reveal since they include Episode 5 spoilers. But I’m hopeful that we will get to see much more of her soon.


Okay, but seriously–I’ve been ecstatic to meet Agatha, and now that she’s FINALLY arrived, what does she do but fall dead on the doorstep?!? It’s a bit more than infuriating, and if our impending psychic doesn’t bring her back, then I will be very disappointed. VERY.

******END OF SPOILERS*******



4. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of him, but I think my new favorite character (not-previously-familiar-with-author) is H. G. Wells. He’s a bit shy, brilliant, and seems to have some of the snarkiest-we-weren’t-expecting-you lines thus far. If he turns out to be the murderer, I would not be surprised, but would still love him to death.


5. Sort of unrelated, but if you buy me this t-shirt, I will love you forever. In all seriousness though… I would wear this.

Perhaps I should start blogging about each episode weekly as it comes out. There’s so many small details that make each episode perfect, and I want to write about them. So look forward to hearing more about Poe Party from this slightly-obsessed viewer!

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