Done with the Semester + Iced Coffee

Happy May! I’m back to the blog with another semester under my belt. As a told a professor via email yesterday, I’m pretty sure this spring was when I discovered the limit of responsibilities + classes (+ boyfriends + drama) that I can handle in one 16 week period. It was a good growing experience, and luckily, my GPA made it out unscathed. As did my sanity, surprisingly.

Now I’m doing two marketing internships – one continuing from last semester, and one beginning this week for a new company. I’m so excited to concentrate on this without homework and 143980713587 other tasks pulling for my mental energy.

If you’re a fellow college student (or once were), I’m sure you know exactly how this feels.

To celebrate, I’ve been drinking a lot of iced coffee. The house I’m staying in has a ginormous coffee maker, and I generally make way too much in the mornings, which means that I have cold coffee to ice in the afternoons! If you’ve never made it, you’re missing out on an easy treat (that you don’t have to pay $4 for!).



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