Where to go in DC and Oxford? – Ask Me Anything

Well hello there – it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on this little corner of the internet, and I figured I’d pull out my virtual pen and paper and write something to all of you.

I’m currently attempting to finish up my junior year, and it’s the last three weeks of the semester, which means that I’m going insane with all that has to be accomplished. But writing is therapeutic, right? I think that’s why I currently prefer working on my thesis proposal to working on anything else right now, because at least with that, I am creating something that is entirely my own – not an assignment with a pre-written topic, not an exam I have to study for.

Let’s be honest, if I could go back and do this all over again, I’d go to Oxford, where I could just write papers in tutorials all day. All day. (And have the Bod to work from, so there’s that…)

Speaking of Oxford and travel, I have a few questions from friends and readers to answer in today’s post!


Paige – What was your favourite part of Oxford? When I was in Cardiff me and my friend couldn’t decide on a daytrip to Bath or Oxford, so we went to Bath, but next time I’m back.. what in Oxford do you recommend??

Mary – I went to uni in DC and studied at Oxford! (now in London). What’s your absolute must see for DC and Oxford?


First off – Oxford. This is such a hard question because there are so many lovely places that you must check out while you’re there. If you’re there to study, then you must try to get access to the Bodleian Library (especially the Radcliffe Camera, which was my favorite place to study while there). However, since not everyone can access the Bod while visiting Oxford, my next recommendation would be to spend an early morning walking in Christchurch Meadows. These pictures are all from there – I roomed relatively close to them, so one of my favorite activities was to walk through them, all the way to High Street, get a cup of coffee or tea, and then wind my way back home or to the Bod through Oxford’s streets. I didn’t have data or a phone while I was over there, so I often got quite lost, but that resulted in my getting to really know the city, with all it’s nooks and crannies.


DC is a hard one because there are so many lovely places to go. If you want to go to the Mall, then go to the National Gallery of Art, if wandering around art museums and getting lost in them is your thing. The other museums are great, but NGA is a bit less crowded, for the most part, and less overwhelming for those of us who come out of museums with heads spinning and glazed-over eyes. Plus, although pricy (typical DC), the food they serve is decent, and the museum shop is definitely worth going into, especially in cherry blossom season.


However, if you’re not one for the Mall (trust me, I understand), and enjoy theatre, head into Penn Quarter, especially around 6th/7th and F Streets. The Lansburgh, one of Shakespeare Theatre’s two buildings, is there, as well as Woolly Mammoth right around the corner. There are a few great restaurants, but I normally head to Merzi for cheap, delicious Indian food (done Chipotle-style – SO GOOD). Then, I splurge a bit on Pitango Gelato (organic, really unique gelato flavors) for dessert! Some of my favorite trips into DC are in this section of the city, eating fantastic food and seeing shows in the Quarter.

Have a question for me about travel, DC or anything extremely nerdy/English-majory? Shoot me an email (amanda @ farmgirlwrites. com) or message on Facebook, and I’ll answer it on the blog!

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