20 Before 20 (Post-20 Reflection)


Happy Christmas, friends! Since I’m in college, I never really get into the holidays until Finals are over. Luckily, they are over for me, which I’m ecstatic about. I’m working on a few projects over break, but luckily, my courses themselves are over (and I even maintained a decent GPA during my busiest semester yet, so hurrah!).

Today, I wanted to take a look at that 20 before 20 list that I’d created earlier this year. I’ve been 20 for over a month now, but it’s fun to reflect on what I’ve done this past year. Not to be mysterious and all that, but 20, so far, has been full of new adventures, and I’m extremely excited for the year ahead.

Let’s take a look at this list:

1. Head to Politics & Prose in DC. I am really lame. Still haven’t gone, and I want to!
2. Explore a city I’ve never been to. NYC in May.
3. Find an internship. Finished an 8 month internship at Washington Performing Arts in DC last month!
4. Touch up on/learn another language. I’ve taken two semesters in French this year. I’m still not fluent, but I love the language!
5. Break my nonfiction trend and experiment with creative fiction. I took creative writing in the spring, and did a creative nonfiction tutorial this fall!
6. Go to _____________. To be honest, I put this space here for going overseas, which didn’t happen. But I went so many other places and did so many different things that I’m not too upset about not specifically completing this one!
7. Publish something. Oui! In my school’s nonfiction journal.
8. Post more often on this blog. hahhhhaaaaa. I… tried?
9. Read & watch a performance of a Shakespeare play I haven’t read. I saw my first performances of The Winter’s Tale (have read) and As You Like It (haven’t read) this year, which was really exciting!
10. Do something incredibly spontaneous. Done. 
11. Meet another online friend in person. Done! Amelia came to visit me this summer!
12. Explore a few local hiking spots in DC. Didn’t get the chance to do this, alas. I like to imagine that I’ll have time to hike and exercise, but that’s really just a pipe dream.
13. Shoot a fashion portrait sessionNot specifically fashion, but I have a few portrait sessions that I’m really proud of!
14. Roadtrip somewhere with friendsDone, a few times, actually. NYC (if you count a train as road-tripping), and a few VA trips this fall. 
15. Do something brave. Maybe? I think I’ll dedicate a post or two to this.
16. Go internet-free for a weekend (or two). On at least one of said roadtrips. 
17. Visit the rest of the Smithsonian museums. Definitely not, because when I go to museums I always to the NGA, regardless of what I tell myself I should do. I love that place.
18. Write more letters. I wrote… papers with… letters? 
19. Binge-watch Sherlock or Elementary for a weekend. Obsessively. I’ve done that, for sure. At least once. Maybe more. 
20. Take an unnecessary class for fun. Atlantic World Slavery in the spring, which was fantastic! My French classes are also technically unnecessary, but they’re important for graduate school, etc, so I don’t label them as such. 

I’m still debating on whether I should do a 21 before 21 list – more to come on that later! In the meantime, I’ll be sitting over here, enjoying snuggling with puppies, reading, and relaxing from the semester.

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