Reflections on the Fall Semester

The last post that I published on this blog was a devotional/reflection on “busyness”. This is certainly ironic, since I’m about to plead the fifth (*coughbusynesscough*) and apologize for my absence. I have quite a few excuses – don’t we all? But I’m posting here this evening to reflect a bit on the last couple of months in my life, so if you’d like to know what I’ve been up to, do read on!

It is 10:30pm here, and I’m running on just four hours of sleep. Exhausted, but happy. I turned in my English senior seminar thesis today, and presented on it in class. I think I was one of the presenters who used their full 10 minutes of time, because by the last slide, my professor was motioning for me to finish up. Regardless of my occasionally-rushed, incoherent speech, I’d like to think that people still walked away with an interest in my topic.

What did you write it on, Amanda? In normal circumstances, I’d be happy to tell you more than the title, but currently, I’m under self-imposed silence about everything having to do with Sherlock Holmes & politics. (That is, however, my thesis topic, and one day, I’ll tell you all about my Holmesian academic pursuits…)

There’s still a lot to do before school ends next week – enough that it’s slightly overwhelming, but it’s a lovely feeling to have such a big project off of my to-do list. It’s also a lovely feeling to know that after next week, I can refocus on Woolf, and take a bit of time to relax sans-academia and deadlines.

This semester (in bullet points!):

  • Wrote a thesis on Sherlock Holmes
  • Completed an 8 month marketing & communications internship in DC (best internship ever)
  • Had the opportunity to teach/assist on Woolf with part of an adaptations class
  • Was accepted into next year’s PCA conference (New Orleans, baby!)
  • Turned 20 years old (eekk! two decades already?)
  • Attempted and didn’t miserably fail having a social and extracurricular schedule.

On a personal note, this semester brought a few dear friends into my life, and I’m so thankful for them. They keep me sane (so do books, but books don’t drink coffee with you).

I’ve been published… several places, in fact. In Bedlam. In Grafted. I’ve severely neglected my camera, but I’ve had the chance to shoot some incredibly gorgeous friends of mind.



Friends. This semester has been insanity, and sometimes, I didn’t think I’d make it. But it has also been incredibly fantastic, and I’ve grown so much this year.

I’m so excited to be around for a while, and I can’t wait to get into blogging again! Feel free to leave a bit of love in the comments section!

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